State-Of-The-Art In Video Processing: Compression, Optimization And Retrieval

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G. Megala, et. al.


Video compression plays a vital role in the modern social media networking with plethora of multimedia applications. It empowers transmission medium to competently transfer videos and enable resources to store the video efficiently. Nowadays high-resolution video data are transferred through the communication channel having high bit rate in order to send multiple compressed videos. There are many advances in transmission ability, efficient storage ways of these compressed video where compression is the primary task involved in multimedia services. This paper summarizes the compression standards, describes the main concepts involved in video coding. Video compression performs conversion of large raw bits of video sequence into a small compact one, achieving high compression ratio with good video perceptual quality. Removing redundant information is the main task in the video sequence compression. A survey on various block matching algorithms, quantization and entropy coding are focused. It is found that many of the methods having computational complexities needs improvement with optimization.

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