Meaning of the Initial Teacher Training Path: A Perspective by Gender

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Fabiola Talavera-Mendoza, et. al.


The article aims to report the pedagogical journey of the essence of the reflection of the theory and practice of initial training students, by gender, based on the development of the training plan and educational experiences in pre-professional practices. The objective is to analyze the effectiveness, impact and transfer of the university training process in pedagogical practice. The methodology used was qualitative, based on the beliefs of the students to arrive at subjective theories. An interview and the focus group technique were used. The analysis took place around career choice, teacher orientation, satisfaction, teacher performance, change of conceptions, finding ten common categories. We end by extrapolating the need for accompaniment, the relationship between theory and practice; the preference and greater opportunities for the female gender; These findings make it possible to contribute to the resignification of pedagogical conceptions, approaches and practice models.

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