Fuzzy Simple Partially Ordered Γ- Semigroups

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Srinivas Telikepalli, A. Gangadhara Rao, K.V.Naga Lakshmi, N.Srimannarayana


In this paper, it is shown that and are respectively fuzzy left and fuzzy right ideals of S. S is a fuzzy left(right) simple po- Γ -semigroup   ( ) . 

It is proved that for any semi group S “TFAE”

(1) S is left(right) simple po- Γ -semigroup.

(2) S is  a fuzzy left(right)simple Γ-semigroup. 

The union of all proper fuzzy ideals of S is the only fuzzy maximal ideal of S ,where S is a PO -Γ-Semigroupwith 'e', unity.

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