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Dr. Sudhakar Madhavedi
P. Sudhaker
Malika Apku
Balla Srikanth


India is experiencing a phase of savings and investment, especially with the growth spurt in its
working class. The Indian mutual fund industry is growing rapidly and this is reflected in the increase
in Assets under management of various fund houses. This research paper focused on number of
factors that highlights investors’ behaviour towards mutual funds and preferences of investors. The
impact of various demographic and behavioural factors on investors has been studied.
The study is empirical and analytical based on survey approach. It is primary data based study. Data is
collected through structured questionnaire. For this purpose, we have used frequency distribution,
percentages, chi square test, ANOVA, Average Score analysis and Kruskal Wallis test to prove the
hypotheses. Also, Cronbach’s Alpha (CFA) is applied to measure the internal consistency of the
The major findings of the study reveal that demographic factors have impact on the investment
decisions taken by investors. Also, it is found the aged and educated people preferred mostly safe and
high return on their investment. They avoid risk. The study will be beneficial for researchers &
academicians for further research, brokers, dealers, investors and share market of icials.
Research Applications/Limitations:
this study is helpful to identify the behaviour of investors towards mutual funds investment. Despite
at most care, there has been some limitation in this study which may have impact on findings of the
study. As we used convenience sampling method and only 100 samples of respondents has been
selected, it is dif icult to generalize the findings to the large population. We have selected a limited
area i.e. only Delhi and NCR. Also, there may be errors in development of questionnaire and data
Practical Implications:
Contributes to the body of knowledge on investor’s behaviours, perception n their attitude towards
investment in mutual funds and its implications for investors, agencies and government for
formulating policies.
The paper identifies a framework of relevant values and facilities that will be of use to those interested
in this field


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Madhavedi, D. S. ., Sudhaker, P. ., Apku, M. ., & Srikanth, B. . (2020). AN OVERVIEW OF MUTUAL FUNDSAND INVESTORS’ UNDERSTANDING IN RURAL AND URBAN PEOPLE INVESTMENT BEHAVIOUR AND PREFERCNCE. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 2672–2681.
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