IoT Enabled BLE and LoRa based Indoor Localization without GPS

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P Kanakaraja, et. al.


The common problem that people face these days to find out the Indoor location of a particular Object or a Person exactly. GPS-based location tracking is one of the very important services nowadays. To use GPS tracking to find a path to our destination and also track the position of our goods using GPS Tracking. It is also possible to track the exact location in absence of GPS with the help of proposed implementation. In some cases like indoor location, the GPS tracker cannot locate exact position of a person or an object. GPS Tracker generally requires an open space with no roof on it. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacons that have to understand basically where this technology can be used or where it is useful. Basically, it is for an especially indoor location tracking of something movable or mobile without the use of a GPS Receiver. This proposed article is going to discuss the idea of making an Indoor location tracker using BLE and LoRa Technology along with IoT Dashboard through “The Things Network” (TTN) to know the position of the object or a person anywhere in the world


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