Find out the innovative techniques of data sharing using cryptography by systematic literature review

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Anik Sen , Rasel Ahmed , Samiha Hossain , Sazzad Hossain Tasnim , Tanvir Ahmed


Secure data sharing is crucial for protecting sensitive information, and the use of cryptographic protocols, such as the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol, provides an efficient way to achieve this. Found a novel proposed authentication system that combines cryptography and machine learning techniques to ensure secure data sharing within a federated cloud services environment. Their approach involves mutual authentication to establish trust between cooperating entities, threat detection using machine learning algorithms, and cryptography-based key agreement for secure data exchange. They evaluated different classifiers and found that LR, KNN, and DT achieved higher accuracy in malware prediction. Founded another approach where a data-sharing scheme for cloud storage that emphasizes security and efficiency. They introduced a secure cloud storage model utilizing a semi-trusted third party (STTP) for user management, key management, and data processing. By combining a hybrid encryption scheme with a re-encryption protocol, they ensured data confidentiality, unforgeability, and user-centricity. These studies highlight the importance of cryptography in secure data sharing and propose innovative techniques to enhance security and efficiency in data sharing.

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