Machine Learning Algorithms-based Prediction of Botnet Attack for IoT devices

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Subba Reddy Borra, Akshaya, B. Swathi, B. Sraveena, B. Satya Sahithi


There are an increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the network these days, and due to the advancement in technology, the security threads and cyberattacks, such as botnets, are emerging and evolving rapidly with high-risk attacks. These attacks disrupt IoT transition by disrupting networks and services for IoT devices. Many recent studies have proposed ML and DL techniques for detecting and classifying botnet attacks in the IoT environment. This study proposes machine learning methods for classifying binary classes i.e., Benign, or TCP attack. A complete machine learning pipeline is proposed, including exploratory data analysis, which provides detailed insights into the data, followed by preprocessing. During this process, the data passes through several fundamental steps. A random forest, k-nearest neighbour, support vector machines, and a logistic regression model are proposed, trained, tested, and evaluated on the dataset. In addition to model accuracy, F1-score, recall, and precision are also considered.

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