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C. Rashmi, A. Akshaya, B. Sruthi, B. Lavanya, A. Lohitha


People tend to express their emotions, mainly by their facial expressions. Music has always been known to alter the mood of an individual. Capturing and recognizing the emotion being voiced by a person and displaying appropriate songs matching the one's mood and can increasingly calm the mind of a user and overall end up giving a pleasing effect. The project aims to capture the emotion expressed by a person through facial expressions. A music player is designed to capture human emotion through the web camera interface available on computing systems. The software captures the image of the user and then with the help of image segmentation and image processing techniques extracts features from the face of a target human being and tries to detect the emotion that the person is trying to express. The project aims to lighten the mood of the user, by playing songs that match the requirements of the user by capturing the image of the user. Since ancient times the best form of expression analysis known to humankind is facial expression recognition. The best possible way in which people tend to analyse or conclude the emotion or the feeling or the thoughts that another person is trying to express is by facial expression. In some cases, mood alteration may also help in overcoming situations like depression and sadness. With the aid of expression analysis, many health risks can be avoided, and there can be steps taken that help brings the mood of a user to a better stage.

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