An examination of client influence on residential property valuation in

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The study looked at how consumer behaviour affected the value of residential real
estate in Nigeria's Edo State capital of Benin. Self-completed questionnaires were
employed in the study to gather pertinent information. Professionals working for
surveying and valuation companies in the city of Benin filled out 59 successfully
completed questionnaires. To support the hypothesis, the data were analysed using
the chi-square test method and presented as frequency and percentage tables. The
study discovered that although there have been cases in Benin of customers trying
to sway assessment reports, these occurrences are negligible since appraisers don't
let such clients' influence have an impact on their ratings. To avoid effects such as
overvaluation, undervaluation, misvaluation, professional misconduct, and legal
and litigation cases on the valuation reports, appraisers are urged to continue
resisting client influence in order to produce valuation reports that serve as strong
market evidence for additional reference.


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HIMANSHU KARGETI. (2023). An examination of client influence on residential property valuation in. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 9(1), 423–435.
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