Optimization The Characteristics of Solar Cell based on InGaN

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S.Nour , A. Merabti , H. Issani , R. Abdeldjebar , A.Djatout


This work studies and simulates a thin film solar cell based on the InGaN material. The single-junction n/p In0.622 Ga0.378 N (Eg = 1.39 eV) solar cell is the optimal structure found under normalized conditions (AM1.5G, 300K), we exhibit a comparison between three types of cells, with Lambertinne reflectors, textured reflectors, and flat reflectors to study optimum efficiency. The conversion efficiency increased from 16.46% with flat reflectors to18.67%. with textured reflectors, the solar cell exhibits a maximum efficiency of around 19.80 % with Lambertinne reflectors. The investigation results show that the In0.622 Ga0.378 N with Lambertinne reflectors solar cell was inversely proportional to the temperature. The optimum concentration for doping for the donor is 5e17 cm−3 and for the acceptor is 5e17 cm−3.

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