Soil Fertility and Crop Recommendation using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques: A Review

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Jagruti Raut, Dr. Sonu Mittal


Agriculture plays an important role in the economic growth of the nation. The agriculture sector has benefited
by the rapid advancement in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Machine Learning is the core
subarea of Artificial Intelligence which provides the ability of self-learning without explicit programming.The
application of Machine Learning techniques in the various fields had increased rapidly. Various Machine
Learning algorithms have been applied for research in the areas of Agriculture. This study aims to provide a
comprehensive review of different Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques used in prediction of Soil
Fertility and Crop Recommendation. The soil fertility rate is predicted by using soil micronutrients and
macronutrients. We found that there is increasing usage of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques in
the area of Soil Science. Ensemble methods usually perform much better than the simpler approaches.

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