Smart Agriculture Monitoring System

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Manual irrigation is still widely used in agricultural field using traditional drip and can watering.
However, traditional irrigation systems are in efficient and in exact, leading to either insufficient or
excessive watering. Moreover, it is difficult for farmers to predict suitable quantities at the appropriate
time. Manual monitoring of the crop field may also lead to human error and is potentially risky for
rural areas. Farmers may also not be aware of intrusions if they are not on location. The scientific and
technical improvement in this modern era has led to advancement in sensors and cloud computing
technology. An attempt is being made to make use of them in irrigation field. Internet of Thighs (IoT)
is one of such emerging technology which can be used in Agriculture. This paper focuses on the
implementation of IoT technology in agriculture to help farmers increase their productivity and reduce
the cost of production. This system can be used to monitor irrigation, soil moisture, the humidity of
the environment, soil nutrients and process data to study further.


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Dr.M.Murugesan. (2022). Smart Agriculture Monitoring System. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 10(3), 1001–1005.
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