Big Data Stream Analytics for Real Time Sentimentality Analysis

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Big Data constituting from the information shared in the various social network sites have great relevance for research to be applied in diverse fields like marketing, politics, health or disaster management. Social network sites like Facebook and Twitter are now extensively used for conducting business, marketing products and services and collecting opinions and feedbacks regarding the same. Since data gathered from these sites regarding a product/brand are up-to-date and are mostly supplied voluntarily, it tends to be more realistic, massive and reflects the general public opinion. Its analysis on real time can lead to accurate insights and responding to the results sooner is undoubtedly advantageous than responding later. The main contribution of this paper is the illustration of the development of a novel big data stream analytics context named BDSAC that leverages a probabilistic language model to analyze the consumer sentiments embedded in hundreds of millions
of online consumer reviews. In particular, an inference model is embedded into the classical language modeling framework to enhance the prediction of consumer sentiments. The practical implication of our research work is that organizations can apply our big data stream analytics framework to analyze consumers’ product preferences, and hence develop more effective marketing and production strate


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Dr.M.Murugesan. (2022). Big Data Stream Analytics for Real Time Sentimentality Analysis. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 2158–2162.