Modelling of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with DualBattery Energy Storage: An Application for Hybrid Electric Vehicle System

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G. Pavani, Ch. Sathish, P. Saritha


This study develops a newly designed, patented, bidirectional dc/dc converter (BDC) that interfaces a
main energy storage (ES1), an auxiliary energy storage (ES2), and dc-bus of different voltage levels,
for application in hybrid electric vehicle systems. The proposed converter can operate in a step-up
mode (i.e., low-voltage dual-source-powering mode) and a step-down (i.e., high-voltage dc-link
energy-regenerating mode), both with bidirectional power flow control. In addition, the model can
independently control power flow between any two low-voltage sources (i.e., low-voltage dual-source
buck/boost mode). Herein, the circuit configuration, operation, steady-state analysis, and closed-loop
control of the proposed BDC are discussed according to its three modes of power transfer. Moreover,
the simulation and experimental results for a 1 kW prototype system are provided to validate the
proposed converter

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