Modern Health Care System Using Internet of Things - Challenges and Prospective Solutions

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S.Anitha Rajathi, J.Devagnanam


Health is a sustainable development area that is one of the main topics of the world. The Internet of Things is a process that enables various devices and sensors to interact and exchange information. Internet of Things is a technology that has gained widespread popularity due to its ability to monitor and control various devices such as mobile platforms and healthcare systems. Due to the increasing medical costs, public healthcare has been considered an important area of concern. The emergence of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has led to the creation of new technologies that can help improve the quality of life. The emergence of Internet of things has brought about various advantages for the healthcare industry. Its continuous growth is being utilized for various applications such as remote monitoring of patients, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and many more. In this paper, we discussed the various components of IOT that are used in healthcare monitoring systems. They are also considered as the building blocks for the future of healthcare monitoring system

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