Some prime numbers of the form [(mxn)-(m-1)] and[(mxn)-(m+1)]

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Shwan Omer Abdalrahman, Bewar Sulaiman Abdi Hajani


Define formula for some prime numbers, when m ,n positive integer, such that m is even number and n each positive integer   such that <n≤m   divided two formula:

Define shwan formula(1)  &   shwan formula(2)

shwan formula(1):     p=(m x n)-(m-1)      if m,n is even number      <n ≤m

shwan formula(2):       p=(mxn)-(m+1)   m is even  & n odd number       <n <m

This form we use cannot be true for all prime numbers, cannot be made into a general form, the type of this form is the way that the peime numbers are not one after the other

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