Determination of the optimallogarithmic model for the data of the contingency tables with a practical application in the field of road accidents

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Aseel moobder dawood Almarsoumy, Osama Abdulazeez kadhim Al-Quraish


Road accidents are random or accidental incidents that are subject to intermittent distributions ,the most important distributions are (binomial distribution , Poisson distribution , negative binomial distribution) , these incidents are categorical according to the nature of the accident (fatal, fatalwith wounded , wounded only), in this research , we considered the impact of the type of accident (collision , overturned , run over ) and the scene (inside the city , outside the city ) and it,s impact on the nature of the incident individually on the one hand and on the other hand using the contingency tables of class (r×c×k) and estimate the logarithmic model for each case and selecting the optimal
model by adopting the maximum likelihood ratio using road accident data in the holy province of
Karbala .

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