Social Performance Analysis The role of the judge in describing a lawsuit

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Mohsen Jalilian, Mohammad Hasan Javadi, Seyyed Mahdi Salehi


The litigants have the power to convince the judge of the application of the judgment applicable to those events by stating their events and issues. The expression of these issues and its legal formation is done in the form of a description of the litigation, which is one of the most important powers of the litigants. However, the judge of the court also has the authority by law to provide a correct description or re-description of the case. In this article, we studied the social function of description described by the judge by descriptive-analytical method. It can be said that the judge's authority in describing events is the result of changes in the current era, especially the provision of social benefits created by the expansion of government powers and interventions, and the judge as a representative of society and in order to achieve judicial justice. Is to have a correct description within the rules and principles of the proceedings and to respect the rights of the litigants.

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