The role of official documents in the financial security of citizens in the Iranian legal system with a look at Islamic jurisprudence

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Hojjat Alizadeh Zinab


Development of official registration of documents and property and intellectual property and official registration of people's ownership of the country's property and lands in the cadastral system and development of new technologies in providing registration services are among the most important government mechanisms to protect citizens' financial rights. The most important source of inference of Islamic rulings is explicitly raising the issue of documents in transactions and many narrations emphasize the use of documents in order to consolidate and prove transactions. Therefore, in this descriptive-analytical article, we study the role of official documents in the financial security of citizens with emphasis on Islamic jurisprudence. Although registration laws emphasize the official document, in practice the ownership of many real estates is based on ordinary documents and lacks registration records. On the other hand, the possibility of revoking an official document causes insecurity of citizens 'financial rights, while with a new look based on Islamic jurisprudence that emphasizes writing and documents, it is possible to use official documents to guarantee citizens' financial rights. Benefited.

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