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Sachin Raj Saxena, Dr. Devendra Singh, Dr. Bhumika Gupta


As innovation and traffic developed, road accidents and road hazards have increased, causing
more deaths due to the lack of timely support bureaus. This document aims to respond to timely
malicious warning, car burglary monitoring and vehicle contamination alarms. The document
that is being submitted registers the limits of the car over time, using a wonderful gadget
inserted into the car, and transfers these characteristics to the cloud, car owners or externals.
Based on the data, adjustment calculations are performed to give warnings and action. In the
event that a malaise occurs after the vehicle and disturbing the car remotely and last, but not
least, by watching sensor esteems to convey air contaminating alerts produced by the
automobiles, the structure will work with the customers in various ways as a guarantee of fire
assistance. The framework is developed using the . Cloud advantages and associated
administrations are network systems, MS Access and Microsoft Azzure. The segments of
equipment include the vehicle's "shrewd gadget" and a mobile phone for customer cooperation.
The so-called "keen gadget" inside the vehicle does not interfere with normal operation or cause


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Sachin Raj Saxena, Dr. Devendra Singh, Dr. Bhumika Gupta. (2021). PREVENTING ROAD ACCIDENTS USING CLOUD COMPUTING. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 1406–1417.
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