The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Public Relations and Product Marketing in Modern Organizations

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Dr. Haitham Abdelrahman Alawaad


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an emerging phenomenon in a variety of fields in recent
years: technology, business, medicine, automotive, and education. However, AI has made its
way deeper intoPublic Relation & marketing in the last few years, helping brands develop every
step of the consumer journey. In addition, instruments previously limited to companies at the
enterprise level have become inexpensive and open to medium and small businesses. This study
is to explore how widely AI is implemented in Relation & marketing and what consequences it
has for marketing practitioners. This study concludes based on the gathered information, that AI
helps in all aspects, especially in Public Relation & marketing the growth of the industry is
found to be high compared with non-using AI industry. The study offers business implications,
in particular ideas about Public Relation & marketing deployment of AI, developing products
and ideas about how to leverage new skills into the marketing team mandated by the new

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