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Juana Rosa Ramos Vera; Zulma Ortiz Záccaro; Jensy Campos Céspedes; Sabino Muñoz Ledesma; Lucio Torres-Romero, Ennis Segundo Jaramillo-Falcón


A documentary review was carried out on the scientific production regarding the variable Policies for Educational
Inclusion during the period 2016-2020, by identifying research papers published in high impact journals indexed in Scopus
database, in order to describe the main characteristics on the volume of publications. Similarly, a qualitative analysis of some
publications was applied to identify the position of different authors regarding the Policies for Educational Inclusion. As a
result, a total of 1783 publications were obtained at a global level during the above-mentioned period, after identification by
means of a series of parameters established for the search. Among the findings is that the United States was the country with
the highest number of publications during the period 2016-2020 regarding the variable of study, which recorded a total of 343
documents in total. The year where the highest number of publications were registered in Scopus was 2020 when a total of 486
research papers were reported. Of the total number of publications made during the mentioned period, 1375 were made through
theories framed in the Social Sciences, and the type of publication that was most frequently used by the authors was the
Scientific Article which represents 74.6% of the total production, that is 1331 documents.

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