Crash Analysis of the Frontal Structure of a Car Using Explicit Dynamics

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Saumyaa Sinha, Shankar Tewari, Rohan Dhawan,NarendiranathBabu T , D. Rama Prabha


Crash analysis is the primary test conducted to determine crashworthiness and eliminate safety concerns in a
vehicle. The improvements in roadways and implementation of new design technologies in automobiles, has shifted a
tremendous focus on vehicle safety in recent years. Deaths due to road accidents over the years have increased, primarily due
to the inability of a car to withstand load and impact forces during collision. Multiple tests to assign passenger cars with a
Global New Car Assessment Program rating (NCAP) have been conducted and the result is still inconsequential. This study
presents a comparative outlook for a more structurally suitable material. Materials were selected based on previous research
conducted. Three different velocities of 40 km/hr, 80 km/hr, 120 km/hr were considered and a simulation to calculate Total
Deformation, Equivalent Plastic Strain and Equivalent Stress (Von Mises) was carried out using Explicit Dynamics in
ANSYS. Values calculated at these velocities are presented in a tabular form and graphs were made. Inference was drawn
and a suggestion for a better material is made.

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