The Influence of Strategic Supplier Partnership, Customer Relationship Management, and Information Sharing towards Supply Chain Innovation

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Nur Fathin Nadira Binti Abdul Rasib, Veera Pandiyan KalianiSundram , Shereen Noranee


The purpose of this study is to examine the level and relationship between supply chain management practices
(SCMP), and supply chain innovation (SCI) among SMEs in Malaysia. Manufacturing supply chain needs to innovate
constantly for maintaining their position in the marketplace and also to fight uncertainties. Hence firms are focusing on
strategies for developing innovation within and across its manufacturing supply chain. In line with following objectives, this
study employs a quantitative research approach which will utilities stratified sampling technique and self-administered
questionnaire survey. The respondents for this survey will be the individuals in operations of SMEs business in Malaysia.
Subsequently, the survey data will be utilized to test the research framework and hypotheses. The results of the study can be
useful for supply chain practitioners and manufacturers in integrating the right SCMPs on improving SCI. Furthermore,
industrial practitioners will also receive insight on how to take account of the effect of SCMPs in designing their supply chain
innovation for better manufacturing performance. In fact, organizations are not certain of what to implement, due to a lack of
understanding of what constitute a comprehensive set of SCMPs. Also, the result will suggest successful dimensions of SCMPs
that is could be implemented in order to foster supply chain innovation in SMEs in Malaysia.

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