Employing Green Mobile Cloud Computing to Reduce Mobile Phone Storage and CPU Consumption

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Laura Hussein Ali ,Dr. Karim Q. Hussein


The rapid development of modern technology produces large amounts of data that need large
storage capacities and high processing, such as video, high-resolution images and other types of data.
Previously, mobile devices were simple and had limited capabilities, but nowadays many mobile devices
have appeared that have many advantages and capabilities, but at the same time these devices need some
support from certain tools, and one of the most prominent of these tools or technologies is cloud
computing. Green computing can be achieved through virtualization technology and server integration,
proper load balancing between resources, storage power management, CPU power consumption
management, power management of network resources, especially in mobile devices, etc... In this paper,
we perform compression processes of the data (image, video, text) inside the cloud and then sent it to the
mobile phone, and the results showed the speed in data transfer and speed in data processing while saving a
lot of battery power and memory storage capacity.

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