Enriching the Energy Efficiency using Enhanced Virtual Grid Algorithm (EVGA) in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Network

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M. Selvalakshmi , Dr. M. K. Jeyakumar


Wireless sensor network is extensively worn to check the spot (or) region. Diminutive
amount of nodes are deployed to sense, transmit the information. To augment the life
span of nodes, different types of routing algorithm are used. Grid structure aids to get
better lifetime of the network by partition the spot into number of grids. The proposed
method helps to beat the issues to loss the energy at the time of transmitting the data from
Sensor Nodes (SN) to Cluster Head (CH) and to the Base Station (BS). Virtual grid recital
facilitates to boost the energy by energy consumption. It supports to broadcast the data
quickly. BS carries out the entire task resembling cluster head selection, cluster formation,
Grid formation and isolated node recognition etc. Each cell is divided into equal number
of cells in grid and it allows to communicating the node for data transmission easily using
shortest path algorithm. EVGA proves it increases the lifetime of the node and it
consumes energy.

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