Attitudes Based Behaviours of Tadulako University Psycholinguistics Students in Learning English

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Dr. Mawardin M. Said, M.Hum.


This article deals with attitudes based behaviours of English education
Psycholinguistics students in learning English. Their attitudes and behaviours are identified
separatively then integratively. This scientific work is a result of research aimed at identifying
attitudes dealing with like, dislike, and reason and behaviours dealing with practice, activities,
and ways in learning English. Qualitative descriptive method was applied to have its data. Its
subjects were 28 students of Psycholinguistics in English Education Study Program at
Tadulako University. Its specific target is they have better behaviours which are appropriate
with their attitudes in the foreign language.They have the skills since they are students of
English language education. They can communicate ideas globally if they have skills of the
global language. They have attitudes which have not been appropriate with their behaviours.
Their attitudes have to be integrated with their behaviours appropriately to be professional
human resources. The data indicate that the students’ Attitudes Based Behaviours in learning
English are Consistent in Speaking since they mostly like and practice most Speaking and
Unconsistent in Listening since they mostly dislike Listening but seldom practice Writing.
Thereby, there is no problem in the consistent attitudes based behaviours but problem in the
unconsistent ones.


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Dr. Mawardin M. Said, M.Hum. (2021). Attitudes Based Behaviours of Tadulako University Psycholinguistics Students in Learning English. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(13), 7001–7024.
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