Jubran Khalil Jubran’s wisdoms (quotes) and their symmetries in Wisam Al Haddad's ceramics

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Weam Qais Younis


This research addressesJubran Khalil’s wisdoms (quotes) and their symmetry in the ceramics of Wisam Al Haddad.
The research is composed of four chapters;the first chapteraddresses the methodological framework for the research
represented by the research problem and its importance, which ends with the following question: - Are there symmetries
of Gibran Khalil Gibran’s wisdoms in the ceramics of Wisam Haddad?
The significance of research:Highlighting aremarkable figure in the history of Arabic poetry, namely, Gibran Khalil
Gibran.Enriching art libraries with a study of one of the cognitive concepts regarding quotes and their inspiration in
ceramics . Finally, presenting to all humanity a tremendous heritage that is still a focus of attention of researchers and
artists in this field.

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