Efficient Distributed Consensus Algorithm in BIoT Environment

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Young-Bok Cho


Currently, the importance of telemedicine is emerging in the era of Untect. In this paper, the proposed algorithm guarantees its transparency and reliability based on a blockchain-based lightweight distributed consensus algorithm that supports accurate diagnosis and reading by consensus of distributed image-reading experts in a telemedicine environment. However, since the blockchain consensus algorithm requires high-specification computing power or generates network traffic, its use in relatively low-performance Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices is very limited. Therefore, in this paper, we proposed a distributed consensus algorithm for reading medical images based on a blockchain suitable for IoT telemedicine environments and showed its more efficient performance than the existing blockchain consensus algorithm. The proposed algorithm has a fast computing transaction speed of about 3 s and reduces the memory usage by 38.5%. In addition, it provides a secure remote environment by solving security vulnerabilities in the IoT environment.

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