Microstructure, hardness and Tensile properties of Electron Beam Weld processed on Inconel-718 alloy

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Vishnu S, et. al.


Inconel 718 is the super alloy developed for elevated temperature service, usually based on group VIIIA elements, where relatively severe mechanical stressing is encountered, and high surface stability is frequently required. This paper presents the mechanical and metallurgical study of Electron Beam Welding process developed for Inconel 718 for an optimal parametric combination to yield favourable bead geometry and mechanical properties of welded joints. In the idea of observing the microstructures getting influenced by electron beam welding and thermal analysis, the plates of alloy that are hot-extruded have been butt welded by EBW at numerous speeds during welding. Outcomes illustrates that the alloy has been jointed defect less. The alloy is characterized by mechanical properties, SEM, XRD and TGA. On high range of welding speed, the NZ intensity at maximum range first goes down and then shoots up. In every scenario the alloys tensile properties after FSW goes down because of the region which softened at the heat-affected zone and some faithful conclusions are drawn.

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