CSPM: A Secure Cloud Computing Performance Management Model

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Abeer F Alotaibi, et. al.


Cloud computing offers an innovative organization and user ability share, store and retrieve data anytime and from anywhere. The critical aspect in cloud computing is security due to privacy and sensitive information. As a lot of companies and users share confidential and critical data on a cloud so the important part is how the data be secured. The worried question about confidentiality, availability and integrity of data in the cloud from attacks and damage of cloud services. This paper discusses the concerns associated to the data security, performance and management sides in cloud computing. The worry side in security such as CIA security which is data Confidentiality, data integrity, and service availability will be given. This paper proposes a cloud security performance management (CSPM) model which ensures different aspect such as, cloud computing security, cloud performance, cloud management. In addition, it discusses the construction of the proposed CSPM model. It defines the factors and layers of CSPM model.  Gets the outcome of the new proposed model and then implementation that's to illustrate the factors of security in cloud computing, such as data confidentiality, data integrity, and service availability. Data management and time performance will be discussed during experimentation part of this work.

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