The Self-Efficacy Perception Scale for Computational Thinking Skill: Validity and Reliability Study

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Yasemin Gülbahar, Serhat Bahadır Kert, Filiz Kalelioğlu


In recent years, developments in the field of computer science, which are in parallel with technology, have led to an increase in the importance of solving problems with the help of computers. It is also worth mentioning that this skill, which is defined as computational thinking, has been an issue about how to be taught and evaluated. In this context, the aim of this study is to develop a self-efficacy perception scale for the computational thinking skill. As a result of the exploratory factor analyzes made, it was seen that the scale includes 39 items with five-factors. Additionally, with confirmatory factor analysis which was carried out for confirmation of the model, 3 items were omitted from the scale and the last structure of the form, with 36 items,  was presented.  The corrected item-total correlations were ranged between 0.632 and 0.386, whereas the Cronbach Alpha coefficients were between 0.762 and 0.930. Also, t-tests for the item average means of the bottom and top 27% of the groups were presented significant differences between those groups.

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