The A Study on Impact of E-Commerce on EmergingMarkets

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Parveen Kumar Garg , Rajinder Kapil


In the future, e-commerce might have a significant impact on the economy. The world of business will never be the same again
because to the Internet. E-commerce will also have a major impact on banking in the 21st century. E-commerce has had a wide
range of effects on the global economy. All of the economic sectors have been affected, and e-commerce has had the greatest
impact on productivity growth worldwide. They are able to identify how many qualified people are needed to advance their
country's information economy or how much investment is required in order for businesses to have access to internet
connectivity. As a result of this, some nations are already reaping the benefits, and they're now ready to compete with their
worldwide counterparts in terms of productivity development and competitiveness. But the reasons for this aren't entirely clear.
Online payment systems will be required by banks and financial services firms in emerging nations in order to secure e-trade
financing and equity investment in the tourist sector, which is frequently recognised as one of the fastest expanding ecommerce

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