Steganography Method of the Bigger Size in WebP Image Using M2PAM Algorithm for Social Applications

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Omar A. Najm, Ahmed S. Nori


Many facets of our lives, including business, education, and social activities, have been dominated by social media. Users of social media exchange a tremendous amount of information. Hackers have unauthorized access to this information. One of the most effective methods for data protection is steganography. Although there are many steganography algorithms in the literature, there is still a gap in terms of adopting high-efficiency techniques. This paper provides a steganography approach
for secret data based on the M2PAM algorithm. WebP photos, which are commonly utilized in social media applications, and are from digital media to hide the messages The proposed method is based on the M2PAM algorithm and WebP images that are widely used in social media applications as cover to hide the messages. The proposed method is benchmarked against other methods in the literature. the proposed method showed outperformed the benchmarking in terms results of two metrics PNSR
and MSE.

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