The Determinants of Product Innovation and Marketing Innovation Effecting to the Innovation Performance

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Pattarapon Chummee


Product innovation is critical to market development and affects innovation capability. Helping to promote the ability to operate in the era of the epidemic The objectives of this research were 1. To observe the factor of product innovation and marketing innovation effecting to the innovation performance. And 2. To study the relationship of product innovation and marketing innovation effecting to the innovation performance. This is based on the diffusion theory of innovation, technology acceptance model and Chocolate model. The target population in the food and beverage
manufacturing sector found that SMEs in the food sector for 400 sample size. Results from factor analysis of product innovation, marketing innovation. and innovation performance found that fit index is chi-square=0.00, df=0, P-value=0.00, RMSEA= 0.00. Moreover, the casual analysis found that statistically significant relationship between latent variables in product innovation and marketing innovation and correlation to innovation performance. At least, there was also found statistically significant relationship between marketing innovation and inn. ovation performance. The overall fit index Chi - square=561.82, df=541, P-value=0.00, RMSEA=0.054. Recommendations, SME's hold develop new products that are different for each community enterprise. Especially in food groups, there must be differences in each community enterprise. Should develop food that can be stored for a long time, not easily spoiled. Add gimmicks such as history, history including creating modern packaging It has added value and is environmentally friendly.

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