Towards the Development of Telecare Business Model- Service Design Approach

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Chuang Li-Min , Yang, Chung-Ho,Tseng Chia-Wei


Aging society became a mutual issue across the world in recent years, many
developed countries attempted to ease relevant social problems and reduce tremendous medical
cost through telecare service model. Taking telecare managers, providers and demanders as
samples, this research conducted analysis through business model blueprint and AHP after
determining key factors of telecare service. The main purposes are: 1) Determining the key
factors for telecare service through business model blueprint, 2) Defining customer’s need
through AHP and 3) Providing customer’s need to telecare service practitioners as reference for
service innovation model. Comprehensively, the most significant customer needs are ranked in
order: ―emergency help service‖, ―in-time sensory warning response‖, ―solitary or people with
disability‖, ―living in remote areas‖ and ―reduce overall patient time‖ through the results of this
research, as reference for relevant practitioners.

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