Enhancing Staff’s Work Motivation in Vietnamese Companies

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Nguyen Hoang Tien, Ho Thien Thong Minh, Syed Ehsan Ullah, Muhammad Sadiq


Nowadays, with the trend of globalization, with increasingly fierce competition, it is
required that businesses that want to succeed must constantly improve their quality and improve
themselves to be able to stand firm in the market. In addition, people are being considered as an
invaluable asset, which is a fundamental factor that determines the existence and development of
an enterprise. In the context that society is gradually shifting to a knowledge-based economy, a
business, even with rich and strong financial resources, becomes meaningless without the human
element. Without effective employees, the organization cannot achieve its goals. When
employees are motivated to work, they will work very enthusiastically, passionately and that will
create high labor productivity, contributing to the achievement of business and production goals
of the enterprise. This article analyzes in-depth the specific work motivation of staff in several
Vietnamese enterprises.

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