Identification of Mucormycosis in post Covid-19 case using Deep CNN

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RangaSwamy Sirisati, C. Srinivasa Kumar, A. Gauthami Latha, B. Narendra Kumar, KanusuSrinivasa Rao


Patients infected by coronavirus disease 2019, particularly in India, are more likely to
develop rhino-orbital mucormycosis, which has risen in frequency. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is
a renowned chance element during COVID-19 infection and mucormycosis (fungal infection
of the gut) (fungal infection). This research aims to conduct a methodical review of the paper
to ascertain the characteristics of people who have mucormycosis and COVID-19. We
conducted a keyword search of the electronic dataset database from its inception until June
2021, and the findings are presented in the following report. This work compiled all of the
fine-grained information from case history records of patients with COVID-19 and
mucormycosis worldwide. We next examined the patient steroid usage, health characteristics,
mucormycosis location, associated comorbidities, and prognosis of COVID-19 patients,
among other things. Many cases of mucormycosis are recorded in people who have been
infected with COVID-19, with an additional few other cases reported from other parts of the
globe. Most instances (82 percent) occurred in India, with Mucormycosis being found in the
vast majority of males (80 percent) and about 40 percent of COVID-19 patients who were
active and recovered. Patients with pre-existing diabetes were found to have DM in above 80
percent of patients. The DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis) was found in 15 percent of patients
with pre-existing diabetes. Corticosteroids were utilized to treat COVID-19 in 76.3 percent of
individuals studied. Mucormycosis of the nose and sinuses was the most prevalent kind (88.9
percent), followed by rhino-orbital mucormycosis (14 percent ). (56.7% ). In 30.7 percent of
the instances, there was a death to record. Diabetes, prolonged corticosteroid usage, and the
presence of COVID-19 all appear to be associated with an increase in mucormycosis. Every
effort should be made to maintain optimum glucose levels in COVID-19 patients, with
corticosteroids used sparingly.

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