Synthesis and Characterization of a new Schiff basses(3Z,3Z)-3,3' -((oxybis(4,1- phenylene))bis(azanylylidene))bis(indolin-2-one)

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Maitham Y. Hussain:Bassam A. Hassan : Zaman K .Hanan


The current effort entails the production and characterization of one schiff base compound, which
includes the following: (3Z,3Z) -3,3' -((oxybis(4,1-phenylene))biss(azanylylidene))biss(oxybis(4,1-
phenylene))bis(oxybis(4,1-phenylene))bis(oxybis(4,1-phenylene))bis (indolin-2-one) The novel
compounds were created by ligand interactions with Co+2, Ni+2, and Cu+2 are transitional positive metal
ions.. To describe the formula of these elemental composition analysis, ligands and related compounds
(C.H.N), infrared (IR) spectra, 1H-NMR spectroscopy , mass spectra were utilized. The ligand
complexes identified as octahedral structure, with the ligand coordinating with metals through Oxygen
and Nitrogen atoms

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