Mechanical properties and Morphology of cement mortar containing nanoparticles

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Mohammad Reza Arefi


In  this  article,  the   effects  of  two  nano-sized  powders  (nano-SiO2 and  nano-Fe2O3)  on  the  compressive  strength,  tensile strength and  flexural strength of cement mortar were investigated. The results show that the mechanical properties of samples containing 1 and 3 percent nanoparticles are desirable then the ordinary cement mortar. But by increasing nanoparticles up to 5 percent, the mechanical properties reduce severely. However, SEM study about the microstructure of cement mortar containing nanoparticles and ordinary cement mortar showed that nanoparticles reduces the CaOH2 crystals and fills the pores and increases the density of cement mortar.

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