The effect of the halls (Collectibles) of the Iraqi National Museum in revitalizing cultural tourism

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Amira Hammoud Hassan, Assistant Professor Dr. Kadim Samukh Mohsin


The museum is a way to attract tourists at the local and international levels by making it a
witness to the civilizations that have passed and the record of the events that occurred.
Therefore, we find this cultural facility important in preserving the various knowledge and
sciences that are the product of society through centuries and years and transferring them to
societies to consolidate belonging to them, where the existence of the nation and its entity are
linked. Because of its culture, the museum exhibits are considered from the collections,
which is the language spoken by its visitors, and the main objective of the display is to
activate the cultural role of the public. The main attraction of cultural tourism through its
holdings as a witness to the cultural and heritage renaissance. Museums are a cultural
medium and bond with me. The human being, his history, his national affiliation, and
determining the status of the civilized and international homeland.

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