Design and Evaluation to Calculate the Performance of Hybrid Cryptography to make Secure Transaction over Network

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Anup Bhange, Dr. Harsh Mathur


Nowadays, the use of internet are growing increasingly across the world, security becomes a prime
concern of issue for the society. Earlier security was a major issue for military applications but now the area of
applications has been enhanced since most of the communication takes place over the web. Cryptography is an
area of computer science which is developed to provide security for the senders and receivers to transmit and
receive confidential data through an insecure channel by a means of process called Encryption/ Decryption.
Cryptography might be a model to secure network and knowledge adjoin network. Info Safety is that
the required Feature of protective knowledge, Transmission over unsecured network. Cryptography might be a
way of loading and forwarding info during a much secured approach so as that solely receiver will scan and
work thereon.
In this we paper we emphasis on the matter facing while performing the transaction online i.e
transaction failure, attack etc. for that we recommend a replacement hybrid cryptographic process in paper. The
algorithm is taken into account using grouping of two cryptographic algorithms Blowfish and RSA. Then
Analyze and compare the performance of current and planned algorithm on parameters security, encryption
time, and decryption time and message size.
In this research work we made Android application by using Android Studio used for front and for rear
for storing the info used PhP My Admin. Results shows the enactment of Hybrid model improved than current

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