A Novel Trust based node integrity verification and privacy preservingmodel for Dynamic WSNs

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Seshagiri Rao Ganta, Dr N Naga Malleswara Rao


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) plays a vital role in many real-time applications due to its topology
structure, network size and communication. Data privacy, node path planning and integrity are the essential
factors that optimizes the network efficiency and trust. Since, most of the traditional WSN path planning are
independent of integrity and node trust computation, it is difficult to provide privacy and robust path planning in
large WSNs. In order to overcome these issues, a hybrid trust-based node integrity verification and privacy
preserving model is implemented for the dynamic WSNs. In this model, a hybrid ACO based node trust
probability and path planning is proposed along with new local update and global update measures.
Experimental results proved that the present trust based model has better runtime, hash variation and privacy
preserving metrics than the traditional WSNs cluster based authentication protocols.

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