Promoting vocational students' perception and achievement towards Chemistry: SPARE Learning Strategy for students majoring in Automotive Engineering

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YusiArisandi, I WayanDasnaa, SumariSumari,HabiddinHabiddin, SuhadiIbnu, Subandi


Low Vocational High School students’ perception and achievement towards Chemistry has been a critical issue. Various
studies have been carried out to find a proper solution for such issue. In Indonesia, Vocational High School aims to produce skillful
graduates who are ready-to-work in the relevant area. In Vocational High School, Chemistry is a supportive course which is
commonly lack of students’ interest. This study aimed to examine the improvement of vocational students’ perception and
achievement of Chemistry after the implementation of vocational expertise-based teaching strategy named SPARE (Stimulation,
information Processing, Application, Reflection, and Evaluation). This study involved 129 vocational high school students majoring
in Automotive Engineering with 63 students as the experiment group and 66 students as the control group. Independent Samples
Test, Mann-Whitney U Test, and N-Gain scores were employed to analyze the data. This study revealed that SPARE effectively
improved students’ perception towards Chemistry and contributed significantly to increase their achievement. This study implies that
implementing SPARE to other supportive courses at Vocational High School is a reasonable exercise.

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