The Effect of Service Quality and Price on Customer Loyalty after the Corona Virus pandemic (Case Study at Hotel XX in Bandung City)

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Ryan Kurniawan
Sri Rahayu Ratnaningsih
MohdHaizam Saudi


Many new hotels have been established in the city of Bandung, this makes Hotel XX must continue to strive to maintain itself in order to remain able to compete and even increase the number of customers, especially during the Corona pandemic Hotel occupancy in Bandung has decreased by 30%. Hotel XX must have a strategy, namely maintaining service quality and providing the right price so that customer loyalty can be achieved, it is necessary to research these three variables. This study is to determine the effect of service quality and price on customer loyalty in XX Hotels. This study uses an explanatory research method, a questionnaire with a five-point likert scale to collect data, in order to measure the indicators of the variables under study. The sample used is 100. The results of hypothesis testing with multiple linear regression analysis show that (1) there is an effect of service quality on customer loyalty (2) there is a priceter effect on customer loyalty, (3)) there is an effect of service quality and price variables simultaneously on customer dependent variables. Loyalty. The results of this study are very important for Hotel XX to evaluate how to increase customer loyalty so that customers stay back or provide information to others.

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