“Tecoration” Using Digital Outdoor Advertising: A Case Study of the Three Leading Global Smart Cities

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Dr. Seung-Chul Yoo
Minhee Jeon
Tu Anh Truong
Seung-Mi Kang
Dr. Ilgi Shin


Urban centers across the globe are striving to integrate information communication technology (ICT) into environmental improvement to facilitate the progress of smart cities. As a conceptual framework for smart city transformation, we introduced the term “Tecoration”—a combination of technology and decoration—to address the use of digital outdoor advertising in adding informational vitality to smart cities. This paper outlines conceptual and practical frameworks for tecoration through detailed case analyses of leading outdoor advertisement zones in New York, Las Vegas, and Shanghai. The results highlight two main insights for future smart cities, namely (1) the characteristics of Tecoration and (2) the factors leading to success of outdoor digital advertisements incorporating Tecoration. Finally, we discuss place marketing strategies focused on promoting local culture, placeness, and commercialization. Keywords: Tecoration, digital outdoor advertising, smart cities.

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