Chiang Rai City Branding And Brand Communication

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Ekapop Changkaew,


The Objective Of This Research Is To Study The Process Of Creating A Brand, The Origin Of Brand Building, And The Search For The Structure Of The Chiang Rai Brand Dna, The Components Of The Chiang Rai Branding, And The Form And Design Identity That Are Unique To The Chiang Rai Brand. There Is Also A Study Of Brand Communication Within The Group Of Entrepreneurs Of Both Public And Private Agencies In Chiang Rai, The Process Of Brand Communication To Create Brand Understanding In Chiang Rai, And The Benefits Of Correct Brand Communication.

In Addition, The Study Will Also Look At Brand Communication Patterns To Target Groups, Especially Tourists, Who Are Interested In Traveling To And Within Chiang Rai Province. The Research Will Investigate Forms Of Brand Communication Organized By The Agency Responsible For Tourism And Online Communication To Create Awareness About The Various Activities Offered Via The Hug Chiang Rai Brand.

As A Guideline, The Researcher Has Explored The Creation Of The Hug Chiang Rai Brand, As Well As The Branding Of Various Cities That Have Been Successful In Their Communications, By Conducting In-Depth Interviews With Informants Who Are Involved In Branding And Brand Communication In Chiang Rai Province. The Results Of The Research Are Divided Into Three Parts, Which Are: 1) Study Of The Process And The Branding Model. Details Are Included In The Brand Manual. 2) Study Of The Communication Pattern Of The Brand, Including Internal Communications With Target Groups, Especially Tourists, Via Online And Offline Communication Formats. 3) Analysis And Summary Of The Two Parts Of The Study, Focusing On The Impact Of Communication Regarding Various Activities And The Appropriateness Of The Details Of The Branding Model In Chiang Rai Province.

From The Study, It Was Found That The Branding Process In Chiang Rai Province Was Done In Correct Accordance With The Branding Creation Along With The Participation Of Government And Private Sectors In Chiang Rai Province, Who Analyzed The Branding Using Inside-Out Principles And The Positioning, Respectively. In Addition, Brand Identity Was Considered To Be The External Target Group And Adheres To The Concept Of Outside-In Brand Building, Resulting In Branding And Positioning As Hug Chiang Rai.

When The Brand Model Was Summarized, It Was Then Conveyed To The Target Audience, Which Consisted Of Government And Private Sector Players, Applied Correctly According To Brand Guidance. After That, The Brand Was Communicated To External Audiences, Especially Domestic Tourists, With The Aim Of Creating Awareness Through Integrated Media And Activities. This Was To Determine Specific Target Groups In The Province Interested In The Brand, Especially Those Tourists Representing The Private And Government Sectors. For These Target Groups, Awareness Will Be Enhanced Through Media That Has Been Identified And Created With Attractive Formats And A Mascot Named "Gord-Oon," The Brand Representative Of Hug Chiang Rai.

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