Changes in Attitude, Knowledge, and Use of ICTs During the Progression of an Online Research Master's Program

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Juan Luis Cabanillas Garcia, et. al.


The objective of the research was to observe the evolution of attitude, knowledge, and use of ICT resources in students during the progression of the Research Master’s degree in Teacher Training and ICTs in the Faculty of Education at the University of Extremadura. A total of 21 students from the Master's program participated. A concurrent triangulation mixed method was used, combining descriptive and inferential data analysis with content analysis, developing the quantitative and qualitative designs in parallel. Among the main conclusions obtained, it is noted that no statistically significant differences were observed in the attitude, knowledge, and use of ICT resources of the students between the beginning and the end of the Master's program. However, a positive correlation was found between knowledge and the use of ICT resources, both at the beginning and at the end of the Master's program. Moreover, it was found that not only do the students have a positive attitude and a medium knowledge with the use of ICT resources but also that the main problems in the teaching/learning process in the online Master's program are related to the teaching staff and organization.

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