Change management and its impact on job performance An Empirical Study In a sample from the directorates of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior

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Dr. Nada Ismaeel Jabbouri, et. al.


The research aims to test the impact of change management on job performance in the directorates of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. (101) respondents who represent the research sample intentionally and quota after it was completely limited, represented by managers (department managers, division managers), as the questionnaire was adopted as a tool for collecting research data, which included (40) paragraphs by which the variables investigated were measured, and personal interviews and field observations were used and the research was adopted Program (SMART PLS V.3.3, Spss V.26) The research concluded the most prominent result represented in the presence of the effect of managing change in job performance as well as the orientation of the leaders of the surveyed directorates towards contextual performance, which indicates that their employees carry out tasks beyond their official roles and their quest to volunteer in additional and assisting activities Others, as well as the leadership’s interest in the job performance of its members, so I decided to improve it through change management in general and through confidence in change and field of change, as well as On improving task performance and contextual performance through field of change directly.

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