Initiating an Independent Curriculum: A Study on the Implementation of Life Skills Eduction as a UNICEF Pilot Project in Bone Regency

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Sarifa Nursabaha, et. al.


This paper examines the Initiating Life Skills Education Self-Reliance Curriculum at the UNICEF Pilot Project Junior High School in Bone Regency. This type of research is qualitative. Data were collected using the interview method while the research instrument used an interview guide in the form of google form. This is done because it is difficult to collect data directly in the field because learning takes place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The results showed that the implementation of the Life Skills Education Independence Curriculum at the UNICEF Pilot Project Junior High School in Bone Regency was proven in the fulfillment of the independence curriculum indicators initiated by Paolo Freire which included five aspects, namely in the Life Skill Education learning process there was a dialogical interaction, in Life Skill learning. Education teachers always give awards to students, in LSE learning each student is given the greatest opportunity to express themselves, the teacher seeks students to become subjects in order to answer the problems that arise in social

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